J.D. Cesare Construction


  • Sewer lateral diagnosis, repair, and replacement for residents

Having a sewer backup? Have you had to call someone out numerous times to clear your clogged sewer? You may have root intrusion, as well as possible breaks and separations throughout the lateral. We can diagnose the problem and provide a solution while making it our priority to keep it as simple as possible. No one wants to spend money on a complete sewer replacement if it's not necessary. Sometimes there's an obvious point in the line that needs to be repaired, which can allow your sewer to continue functioning normally for many more years.

  • Point-Of-Sale Sewer lateral video inspection, testing, repair, and replacement

Most of the cities on the Peninsula have ordinances requiring testing or inspection of sewer laterals when a home is being sold. Every city's requirements are different, and understanding them can be a challenge. We will handle everything for you.

  • City Of San Mateo Cost-Sharing Program

The city of San Mateo has a program that is available for a set time each year where they will cover half the cost or up to $5,000 if a sewer lateral is completely replaced. Ask us for more information. Here's a link to the city's overview of the program: